Scarf Masaai



Shoe Horn

Size: 6″     Code: S11

Size: 7″     Code: S12



Scarf Masaai


Scarf Maasai – Fabric and fleece

Size: 4×50″      Code: M30

Size: 6×55″      Code: M29

Size: 7×60″      Code: M27



Scarf: Suede with masaai beads

Size: 5×60″

Code: S22




Shoe Horn

Shoe Horn with leather tussle

Size: 20″ Length

Code: S11L



Travel tray 5x5 T18


Travel tray: Leather

Size: 5×5″

Code: T18



Travel Tray

Travel Tray: Leather

Size: 8×8″

Code: T19