bed side table




Bed Side Table – Folding galvanized drawer & Leather handle




Canoe wine Rack






Dhow wood Canoe wine Rack

Code: C9








Dhow wood Canoe Wine Chest & Stand

Code: C94





Chest of Drawers CD





Chest of Drawers: Leather handles

Code: CD





Chest wood


Chest Wood and Leather

Size: 36x20x13″

Code: C100


Director`s Rocking Chair





Director’s Rocking Chair & Plain leather

Code: S4




Safari Chair




Director’s Safari Chair & Embossed art work on leather backrest

Code: S2A





Kianu Photo Frame KP



Kianu Photo Frame

Size: For 30 photos 4×6″

Code: KP





Mirror & Beads


Mirror & Beads

Size: 1x1M

Code: M11



Mirror Leather Beaded



Mirror Leather beaded

Size: 60×18″

Code: M26





Suitcase Stand


Suitcase Stand

Size 30×24″

Code: L5