beaded bracelet



Beaded bracelet

Code: BB






Bracelet Rope



Bracelet Leather Rope Style

Code: B38




Bracelet RopePassport Cover




Passport Cover : Leather & Art

Size: 5 3/4x 4″

Code: P3




Coin Pouch (1)





E-Ticket Holder

Size: 9 1/2×4 1/2″

Code: ETH1





Can Container



Can Container with Plain Leather

Size: 4″

Code: C3




Can Container with Leather & Pyro Art




Can Container with Leather & Pyro Art

Size: 5″

Code: C4




Cheque Book Leather Cover


Cheque Book Cover plain leather

Size: 9 1/2×4 1/2″

Code: C17




Coaster Set


Coaster Set, 6 pcs Square & Pyro art

Size: 4×4″

Code: C92





Coin Pouch (1) Coin Pouch (2)


Coin Pouch Etched on Leather

Size: 4×3″

Code: C24


Glass Case


Glass Leather Case

Code: GC2





Key Holder


Elephant Leather Key Holder

Size: 25 cm

Code: K



Key Holder and Coin Pocket


Key Holder & Coin Pocket: Leather & Zip

Code: K3




Passport Pouch Holder


Passport Pouch Leather

Code: P4





Visistors Book (2)

Visistors Book – Pyro Art

Size: 10×16″

Code: P14